This spring was unique, and not only with its weather! On March, 18 in the framework of the catalog Women’s community a social project for the beautiful half of Zaporozhye “ACHIEVE MORE!” had started.

The main goal is to help women to achieve more in their work, to create a culture of women’s self-development in the city and the understanding that a woman can be successful at any age and in any field.

We are proud that our senior partner Nadiia Zagriya was also invited to be a part of the project as a mentor. Of all the applications were sent to Nadiia, Olga Valkiv, the head of the language center “Dialog”, was chosen!

We oversaw with interest Nadiia and Olga co-working, and now we can evaluate the result!

“The project gave me the opportunity to share my experience, not only in the legal, but also to transfer my experience in managing, communication, building a team to a person who needed it. Working as a mentor really brought me great pleasure, as while teaching, I learned a lot for myself. Olga, struck me with her reverent attitude to her work, a thirst for new knowledge and development.”

“Participation in this project allowed me to generally structure my approach to doing business, to learn how to more competently build working relationships with employees. And, as a result, bring working relationships to a new, more effective level. The quality of the interviews has changed. Now, I am asking more provocative questions and not afraid to hear a disappointing answer.

I am grateful to Nadiia not only for the development of internal documents and provisions of the Center, but also for moral support and inspiration for new achievements. At the moment, we managed to reach a new level and more people found out about us! ”

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