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Looking for a lawyer? Apply to our lawyers!

Set yourself free from the permanent necessity to find a lawyer, whose knowledge will satisfy the requirements of your company.

With LC Pravo Garant at your disposal will be a full-fledged legal department, with deep knowledge and experience in different areas of law, which will not only resolve any legal problems, and altogether prevent their appearance!

* Unlike the lawyer on the staff, Law Firm enters into a commitment to carry out the instructions of the client, as well as responsible for compliance with contractual obligations to the client.

Entrust to professionals the solution of tasks!

The main principle of outsourcing – “I leave for my company just what I do better than others, give to the partner on outsource what he does better than others”

We are the only company working standards of which are a high level of responsibility, morality, and an innovative approach to solving problems. We do not keep up with the times, for our clients, we are ahead of market development for a few steps, which allows us to provide services of perfect quality.

Our lawyers are 100% professionals in:

  • Tax law;
  • Corporate law, M & A;
  • Labor law;
  • Contractual relationship;
  • Transport law;
  • Land law;
  • Banking law;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Intellectual property.

Your protection:

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We aim to prevent failures, rather than eliminate their consequences!

Legal outsourcing by LC Pravo Garant – is a full range of legal services which can be necessary for the normal carrying out economic activities of your company. It can be the next services::

  • legal advice in the various fields of law;
  • contracts work: drafting, project development, legal review of contracts;
  • drafting of applications, claims, complaints, letters, responses, requests and other documents;
  • participation in negotiations with your counterparty;
  • representation of clients in courts of all instances, public authorities;
  • drafting of the procedural documents;
  • legal support of transactions;
  • changes in the constituent documents of your company (change of directors, members, activities, legal address, etc.);
  • support of tax audits, tax reconciliations;
  • diagnosis of existing HR documents matching the requirements of the current legislation. If it necessary, make changes, revisions;
  • introduction of commercial secrecy regime in your company;
  • registration of a trademark (TM) of your company;
  • analysis and systematization of legislation, in the field of activity of your company;
  • and other services.

Feel the difference!

To choose the right strategy is your advantage

The advantages of outsourcing for You

  • providing continuous work of your business, thereby making deal, sitting of the court, important negotiations (meeting) will not fall apart because of your staff lawyer is at the hospital or on vacation (or in another meeting / sitting of the court);
  • possibility of total concentration on the core activities of your business;
  • minimizing your own risks, because qualified specialists will solve your problems;
  • increase the investment attractiveness of your company;
  • increase the capitalization of the company;
  • high level of responsibility of a service company;
  • guarantee 100% to perform tasks properly;
  • level of work performed by a group of qualified experts is higher then proposed by full-time employee.

Legal outsourcing new standards by lc "Pravo Garant"

Fixed price

We don’t have limited service packages, with hidden extra services. In our company you will have, “all inclusive” services, with no restrictions. So you may rest assured in continuous legal support with the conservation of a planned budget.

A team of professionals which use business-oriented approach

Due to our lawyers’ deep knowledge and niche specialism, we perfectly understand the client’s business industry-specific, and achieve maximum results in application tasks. Also we make monitoring of legislation for our clients industrial activities every day.

Prompt performance of the task

Our company has developed standards of service quality, which is working and guaranteeing our clients the shortest period of time for fulfillment of the task.

High level of responsibility. We solve the clients’ problem as personal problem. Company management conducts consistent policy of maintaining a high level of responsibility of our experts to deal with the clients matters.

Continual improvement of quality

Our specialists regularly take courses to improve their skills and take part in the discussion of new developments in the Ukrainian legislation at seminars and forums.

Unblemished reputation

Over the years, LC “Pravo Garant” has proved itself as a reliable partner in solving clients’ problems. There are no unsolvable problems for us.

How does outsourcing work in our company?

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