We are working to provide our clients and partners with quality and business oriented legal services. Every day we learn something new, we develop ourselves and we share our experience and knowledge with you. We have a good business reputation, our corporate style and a large number of clients who have entrusted their problems and their business to us. The fruits of our intellectual work are provided to customers under the brand, which we are really proud of – Law company PRAVO GARANT.

But such a notion as “brand” exists only in the minds of consumers, so it’s time to officially declare that PRAVO GARANT is a brand! For this purpose was registered a trademark (TM) Law Company PRAVO GARANT.

You also can declare the uniqueness of your company and protect it from unscrupulous competitors.

The main advantages of not just positioning yourself as a brand but TM REGISTRATION, we can name the following:

  • existence of TM will allocate your company among competitors, will act as a guarantee of reliability, serious intentions and long-term business, will add a positive image and prestige;
  • gives the exclusive right to use and dispose of TM (logo, name, slogan) for certain goods and services on the market;
  • legal protection from counterfeiting (imitation) of your goods or services by competitors;
  • the opportunity to become a franchisor;
  • the ability to register a domain in the .UA zone.

In turn, we will be glad to answer all the questions about TM registration, and also we will help you to apply for registration of TM.

Registration of a trademark is not an obligation, but your right, which gives the TM owner a range of advantages and, in some cases, protects the business. If the “development plan” of your company contains such item as trademark registration – do not postpone it “for later”, as someone may be bolder, faster, more cunning and register the same TM before you.

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