All fields are required


As a thriving business providing high quality and commercially grounded legal advice, we look for candidates who are intelligent, innovative, practical and passionate about what they do.

If you are aiming for a career where your ideas are listened to, you can continually develop and make a significant contribution to the business, and also to share our corporate values and to become part of close-knit professional team – welcome to «Pravo Garant»! We appreciate ours employees and we help them to grow together with the company!

Also students of 4-5 courses and graduates who wish to apply the theoretical knowledge and to gain practical experience, can pass study place in LC “Pravo Garant”.

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I want to thank the Law company “Pravo Garant” for the organisation of internships and the opportunity to take part in it.

This is really a valuable opportunity to prove oneself, to raise the level of knowledge and to “revitalize” your theoretical skills obtained at the university, to evaluate your practical and theoretical skills, to receive useful advice from highly qualified lawyers in the field of law.

There is a well-known expression: “The theory is dead in the absence of practice, and practice without theory is blind.” Therefore, first of all we must remember that it is not possible to become a professional only sitting on a student bench. The Law Company Pravo Garant provides a full-fledged opportunity for the development and realization of itself as a future lawyer. Participation in the internship is necessary for the self-development and self-realization of the student, because this serves as a catalyst for the formation of a successful and useful to the public person. And certain difficulties, without which, alas, it is impossible, should be only additional incentives on the way to the main goal.

Fourth-year student of Classic private University, Sergei Sokolov

An internship in the law company “Pravo Garant” gave me an opportunity to test my knowledge and possibilities on practice: how can I apply the law in concrete real legal relations, how can I find a legal solution to certain tasks and combine these two aspects. I had an opportunity to feel how much I can organize myself, combining my studies at university and legal practice. I am very grateful for the understanding and advice of the lawyers of  LC “Pravo Garant” who instructed me and directed me. I got new knowledge and skills, which undoubtedly expanded my experience and became more confident about my career. As Julius Caesar said: “The experience is the teacher to everything “, which I was quite able to verify due to an internship in LC “Pravo Garant”

IV-year student of Zaporizhzhya national University, Lily Cozacul