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Set yourself free from the permanent necessity to find a lawyer, whose knowledge will satisfy the requirements of your company.
With LC PRAVO GARANT at your disposal will be a full-fledged legal department, with deep knowledge and experience in different areas of law, which will not only resolve any legal problems, and altogether prevent their appearance!

How can we help?

We provide a full range of legal services which can be necessary for the normal carrying out economic activities of your company. It can be the next services:
  • LEGAL ADVICE. Analysis and systematization of legislation, in the field of activity of your company, verbal and written legal advice in any branch of law;
  • CONTRACTS. Drafting, project development, legal review of contracts, including foreign trade agreements; Participation in negotiations with your counterparty; Legal support of transactions; Due Diligence; Public procurement support;
  • TAX SUPPORT. Support of tax audits, tax reconciliations; Analysis and preparation of replies for the requests of tax authorities, tax police; Legal support by administrative or court appeal against decisions or actions of tax authorities;
  • COURT SUPPORT. Clients’ interests representation in courts of all instances, public authorities, including cases, which are reviewed by the investigating judge; Drafting of applications, claims, complaints, letters, responses, requests and other documents; Preparation of all types of procedural documents; Support of enforcement proceeding;
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION. Registration of a trademark (TM) of your company; Introduction of commercial secrecy regime in your company;
  • LABOR LAW. Drawing-up of domestic regulations, internal order rules, regulations for incentive for workers and employees, duty regulations, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, local normative acts, collective contracts; Drawing-up an appointment and dismissal order. Support of the conclusion or cancellation of employment contracts; Issuance of a contract with the director / general director of the enterprise; Human resources audit;
  • CORPORATE LAW. Registration of changes in the constituent documents of your company (change of directors, members, activities, legal address, etc.); reorganization, re-registration, (merge, takeover, division, reformation) and liquidation of all legal structures; Resolution of corporate disputes; Legal and advisory work on prevention of “unfriendly” merges and acquisitions of the companies;
of сustomers confirm that we provide high quality advice
of customers recommend us to their partners
agree that we have demonstrated a commercial approach and understanding of the client’s business
The main principle of outsourcing is "I will leave for my company only what I do better than others, I will outsource to my partner what he does better than others." We are the only company whose work standards are high responsibility, morality and an innovative approach to solving tasks. We do not keep up with the times, for our customers we are ahead of the market by several steps, which allows us to provide services of impeccable quality.

PRAVO GARANT - Your Defense

Frequently changing legislation
We will help you to understand the law and protect your rights.
Financial Risks
We analyze the market and help to avoid large financial losses.
Inspections by
Scheduled and unscheduled inspections. We will prepare and advise.
Time spent
on legal
Drafting, development, checking for errors in business documents.
Unscrupulous counterparties
Check the counterparty and help to avoid risks when making transactions.
We will protect the product of your labor from illegal use.

Outsourcing Benefits

Ensuring the smooth operation of the business (lack of a full-time lawyer).
The ability to fully concentrate on the core activities of your business.
of own risks
Minimizing own risks, solving problems by qualified specialists.
Increasing the investment attractiveness of your company.
Optimization of income, increasing the company's capitalization.
A 100% guarantee that the assigned tasks are completed properly.

How to work with us

We do our best to make cooperation with us comfortable, convenient and as efficient as possible. We appreciate your time, so we accept assignments by email within 15 minutes of receipt of the application, we inform you about the deadline for completing the task and the contact details of the specialist who will work on your question.
1. Your application
With a task for lawyers
2. Our response
With the indication
of the task completion date
3. Result
Completed work withing
specified deadline

Price assessment

Our approach to working with you is open and honest. We offer alternatives for choosing a type of cooperation with us, which allows you to plan a budget from the very beginning.

We can develop an individual proposal, based on needs of your company and wishes, and help to choose the best payment method.
“Only legal advices”
  • fixed monthly fee;
  • prepayment;
  • no limit on verbal or written legal advices in the field of economic activity of your company.
"Full support"
  • fixed monthly fee;
  • prepayment;
  • fixed number of tasks per month;
  • legal assistance in any matter concerning conducting of your business (legal advices, treaty-made law, settling any types of documents, development of strategy, negotiations with your counterparty and adjustment of disputes, labor law, public procurement support, corporate law, foreign trade agreements).

Services: bankruptcy, legal support, tax and criminal law (except consultation) are provided for an additional fee.
"Time rates"
  • fixed rate of the hour;
  • paid-on-delivery;
  • price assessment depends on man-hours worked;
  • no limit on tasks for the lawyers.
Our approach to working with you is open and honest. We offer alternatives for choosing a type of cooperation with us, which allows you to plan a budget from the very beginning.

We can develop an individual proposal, based on needs of your company and wishes, and help to choose the best payment method.

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