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My name is Roman, I am the owner and managing partner of law company Pravo Garant, specialist in the field of tax law, trustee in bankruptcy.


For over 10 years, I’ve been working to be a really reliable support for my clients, providing legal support and protecting the interests of their business. My goal is to achieve a positive result, so I offer my clients the main thing – confidence in the future!


Currently, I succeeded in creation of the strong team of lawyers, who are not just professionals in the branch of jurisprudence, but experts who really love their work. We are aiming to build long-term partnerships with each client.

To achieve more, never stop there

Roman Zagria

Executive partner

Without proffesional attorney, any lawful field – minefield

Anastasiia Dobrochinskaya

Head of the branch in Kiev

Always do more than expected of you.

Denis Chuhalov

Head of the branch in Dnipro

The success of your client is your success!

Nadejda Zagria

Senior partner

The biggest bankrupt in this world is the one who has lost his enthusiasm.

Irina Burceva


To work more is not the only way to success. To work as efficiently as possible – this is the path that will bring greater returns.

Ruslana Kulachenko

Senior Lawyer

Chess moves that are made outside the courtroom are more important than those that are done in court.

Illya Zakharchenko

Senior Lawyer

No conflict was resolved by violence. You can win or lose, but, sooner or later, you still have to negotiate.

Anjelika Otiuskaya

Senior Lawyer

The beauty of jurisprudence lies in the ability to litigate any statement of any person, in any circumstances, of any kind, in which it was made.

Valeria Leshchenko

Senior Lawyer

For legal advice, you should apply not to common sense, but to lawyers.

Anastasia Melkevich


The more difficult the battle is, the brighter victory will be!

Alexey Kuropata


A good reputation is more important than a clean shirt. A shirt can be washed, a reputation – never.

Irina Yakimenko

Head of marketing department

Socialists believe that making profit is a sin. I believe that it is a real sin to suffer losses.

Karina Golovanova

Financial Adviser

To save your money is worth more than getting them.

Kseniya Komarova

Financial Adviser

The client cannot be simply pleased. The client should be satisfied.

Alina Suchomlina

Office manager


Specialists of our company provide legal support to large businesses, as well as enterprises with foreign investments, working on the territory of Ukraine. The company also provides a wide range of legal services for physical entity.

We are proud of our ability to combine creative solutions with pragmatism and a friendly, sensitive approach to each client, as the relationship between lawyer and client is a key factor for the future mutually beneficial cooperation.




Unlike many law firms, we do not operate in a legal ' bubble ' and don’t play in "lawyer - speak". We talk your language. We won’t swamp you with the intricacies of legal procedure or deliver impenetrable documents. We’ll explain the business benefits – or disadvantages - clearly and simply. So you will get the best legal advice, based on reasonable commercial principles.


Our lawyers enjoy considerable business expertise taken not only from legal profession. They know the twists and turns of the law. This means that you not only receive the benefit of first-class legal opinion, but also professional project management delivered by people with proven business acumen.


We understand that price often plays a key role in the decision. Our approach to working with you is open and honest. We have a common pricing for all customers, and we do not change prices during case management, we always warn about possible not planned expenditures, so that will allow you to plan a budget from the start. Our prices are fair and trust is merit!

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