Practice for individuals


We understand that majority ask the lawyer for the help when can't solve a problem independently any more. As a rule, it is connected with that people have constraint and don't want to devote strangers in the disorders. But as a result the problem is "tightened" and of it won't so simply get rid.


- 50% of positive resolution of the situation and 100% prevention of future mistakes!

Our team staffed by professionals with tact and delicacy. One of the main principles of work for us is an individual approach to each client. You can be sure you will be given qualified legal help, and you won't face "the legal conveyor" when your problem try "to adjust" to a certain standard and to propose the sample solution for assigned tasks.

You can contact us on:

  • Family relations (divorce, recovery of alimony, division of property, deprivation of parental rights, residence or shared residence, etc.);
  • Issues of inheritance (the inheritance of procedure and conduct of related litigation, the extension of accepting an inheritance, etc.);
  • Housing conflicts (removal of obstacles in the use of housing, to establish procedures for use of housing, recognizing the right of ownership to the living room, etc.);
  • Debt (debt enforcement from the debtor, challenge a deal, etc.);
  • Disputes for damages (accidents, fires, etc.);
  • Enforcement proceedings (execution of judgments, getting a duplicate writ obligatory or loss order of court, deferment or installment plan of execution, etc.).

What can we offer you:

  • Consultations on all questions, as personally with the lawyer, and in the Interenet network and by phone.
  • Preparation of necessary documents: claims, requests, appeals, complaints, letters etc.
  • Drafting petition for appeal and petition of cassation.
  • Representation in state bodies and institutions, protecting the interests of clients in courts of Ukraine.