Corporate law


Today business is usually closely connected with corporate disputes: with registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, acquisition of their assets or corporate rights of economic societies, with setting up a joint venture, conflicts between executive authority and general meeting of stockholders, and also between participants. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact LC Pravo Garant; we are always ready to give a helping hand in the solution of any problem in the areas of corporate law. Thus, we help our clients to reach goals in the quiet, clear and pragmatic way.


High-quality legal maintenance of any corporate disputes will allow you to avoid various expenses and problems in the enterprise activity. Consultations concerning the most different spheres of modern corporate law are the major direction in work of our company. Appeal to LC Pravo Garant will allow you to deal with a matter, having spent a minimum of own efforts, financial outlays and time, to avoid many mistakes while preparation of statutory and internal documents. The qualified lawyers will help you to make the right decision at any stage of formation, reorganization and development of your business. Our relationship with clients is under construction of trust and deep understanding of business of each client.


  • consulting on legal aspects of the structure and business;
  • corporate conflicts between participants (shareholders) of corporation concerning registration, liquidation and management of its activity;
  • corporate conflicts between participants (shareholders, founders), in connection with realization and protection of the corporate rights;
  • corporate conflicts on rescission of a contract concluded by corporation;
  • corporate conflicts on the circulation of stocks, share, share of stock.
  • legal maintenance and advice for preparation of documents on stock issue, registration of stock issues;
  • corporate conflicts over introduction or cancellation of alterations in share register, conclusion, change, cancellation or rescission of registrar services agreement of inscribed security owners;
  • preparation and legal support for the conduct of the General Meeting of shareholders (participants), Board meetings, meetings of the Supervisory Board, the Audit Committee;
  • representation of interests of shareholders in conflict joint venture;
  • legal examination of title certificate, forecasting of possible legal risks, drafting of recommendations for their elimination;
  • disputes on invalidate of decisions about an exception of the participant from the company, and also the disputes concerning value determination and collecting company’s property lots, which have to be paid by the left participant of the company;
  • legal and advisory work on prevention of "unfriendly" merges and acquisitions of the companies;
  • reorganization, re-registration, (merge, takeover, division, reformation) and liquidation of all legal structures;
  • corporate disputes on liquidation or cancellation of the state registration of economic societies.