Procedure of bankruptcy in Ukraine is only regular proceeding for liquidation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs which are incapable during three and more months to cancel indebtedness. Bankruptcy can be the suitable legal mechanism which will allows resolving a set of issues in favor of the client. Competent use of the legislation will help to protect interests both debtor and the creditor. You always can contact LC "Pravo Garant" in order to be sure-footed in questions connected with bankruptcy. Professional support in this case will be useful, irrespective of what party the person takes part in the case of bankruptcy: from the debtor or the creditor.


Under the Law of Ukraine "About reestablishing debtor solvency or adjudication in bankruptcy" (further the Law), trustee in bankruptcy plays a key role at all stages in bankruptcy proceedings and his participation is obligatory. The qualified trustees in bankruptcy who possess the high level of knowledge and experience in the sphere of maintenance of bankruptcy and liquidation of the enterprises are on the staff of our company. Considering a legal position of the client, thanks to continuous tracking and development new tendencies in the sphere of bankruptcy and liquidation of the enterprises, LC “Pravo Garant” is able to propose you the most convenient and favorable solution in various options of bankruptcy.

We can offer you the following procedures of liquidation:

1) Liquidation of the Enterprise upon application of the creditor:

  • commencement of bankruptcy case;
  • legal support of bankruptcy case.

2) Liquidation of the Enterprise upon application of the debtor:

Also, we provide the following services:

  • Protection of rights and interests of the creditor in procedure of bankruptcy at all stages of procedure.
  • Replacement of the trustees in bankruptcy.